How to choose a mask for eyelashes

Hello Beauty!
We all have mascara but sometimes we do not choose the right one for our type of eyelashes. Choosing one seems easy but the reality is that then we tried 30 to nostermine liking one, so today I bring you some beauty tricks to choose a mask for the eyelashes appropriate to each one of us:
mac mascara
- Mascara with thick brush: This type of mascara is the most famous because they provide a large volume but if you have very short eyelashes you should avoid it, if you have normal or long for it!
- Mascara with curved brush: is perfect for those who They have long, straight lashes. This disappointed guy curls and lifts the eyelashes making you look bigger.
- Mascara with fine brush:
b> lengthen the lashes, recommended for those girls who have many tabs and shorts.
- Eyelash mascara with brush effect:
b> they give a great volume and lengthen the eyelashes. Ideal for occasions in which you want to emphasize the look.

Some tip that we must follow to not lead a disappointment:

1. It does not matter what brush effect you choose, if you want them stronger and more hair, buy those that have natural extracts.

2. In this case in the mascara if it is very important to look at the expiration of this cosmetic, because although it continues to paint well, we can have some infections if we continue using them. They are not serious, but they are annoying.

3. If you are one of the girls who like to wear makeup to the pool or the beach, do not forget that your mascara must be waterproof.
And you? you already have your favorite? Did you know these beauty tips to choose the right mascara for you?