What hair color fits me best

¡Hola chicas !!
Many girls and boys are the ones who decide to give themselves a change and change their color, but often the question arises if we are choosing the one color it looks good or not, for that today I bring you some beauty tricks to be able to choose well the hair color that suits us better.
The skins are warm those that are easy to tan when the sun goes down a bit. People with this type of skin should avoid blond ash so that the skin is not turned off.
The cold skins esaque They are clearer and those who find it hard to get dark even in summer the colors that are best left are platinum blond, ash blond, black.

But the color of the eyes also has a lot to do when choosing the hair color that suits us best:

The BLUE EYES , if you have eyes of this color the dark blond is the color that best suits you, because it sweetens your face.

The BROWN EYES , the colors that better you are the chestnut and chocolate color. A wicks or transparencies can also be very good.

The GREEN EYES , it is very good the blond ash and light brown, because they soften the face.

The BLACK EYES , if you have the eyes of this color it is best to choose the colors of very intense brown or black hairs.

I hope that if you decide to dye your hair, you'll hit the color and you will not be scared.

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Did you know these beauty tips to know that hair color suits you better ?